Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Li-ion batteries in Bikes | New trend in motorcycles | Tech Talk #3

Battery, one of the most ignored yet a very important part of the our bikes. We don't think about it till it stops working and we have to kick-start the motorcycle. That is for those of you who have a kick. Others will either have to jump start or "Dhakka-Start" the bike.

The battery used in most of the bikes today are Lead-Acid batteries. Lead-acid batteries are cheap, durable and have served us well for more than a century now. But these Acid filled bricks are heavy, poison-filled ,less energy dense and are making way for non-toxic and more efficient Li-Ion batteries.

Li ion batteries in bikes lithium ion batteries
Li-ion Batteries in Motorcycles

Lithium-ion Batteries, commonly known as Li-ion batteries are trending now a days as a aftermarket part. Though they are popular now a days, they do have several Pros and Cons.


1) Weight Reduction Bro

Li-ion batteries are crazy light. A Li-ion Battery can weigh upto 4 times less when compared to it's lead-acid counter part

2) They are non-toxic

Since it doesn't contain either lead or sulphuric acid, their level of toxicity if very low. Also, the absence of  these means that you don't have to worry about the acid leaking anymore

3) More Energy dense

Li-ion batteries contain way more power than a lead acid battery. In simple words, you can get several more cranks out of a Li-ion battery than out of a lead-acid battery

4) Size matters

For a given rating, say 5mAh,  the size of a Li-ion battery is way smaller than a lead-acid one. Thus using a Li-ion battery can save you a lot of space which can be utilized for something else. 


1) They are costly

Since it's technology is relatively new, Li-ion batteries cost about twice or thrice more than lead acid batteries.

2) Cold Start alert!

Cold starting these batteries can be a real task. you may have to push the starter a few time before the battery wakes up and actually cranks up the engine.

3) Do they come with an anti-ageing cream?

Just like in mobile phones, these Li-ion batteries also suffer from ageing and tend to become less powerful over the years.

4) Charging?

These Li-ion batteries require a Li-ion battery charger which is way costlier than a conventional Lead-Acid Battery charger

It definitely seems that the Li-ion batteries have a lot of downsides than advantages. But they are certainly the thing now. And considering the fact that we need to save our environment for the coming generations, they may become an enforcement in the upcoming motor vehicle rules and regulation.

Let me know in the comments below if you'd use one now!

Ride Safe! Cheers!


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