Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Top 5 Weekend Rides near Pune | Weekend Trips and Getaways Pune 2017

Pune is no short of scenic destinations around it for a Weekend Motorcycle Ride! But if you search on the internet for destinations for weekend rides near Pune, all you will find is a long list of destinations that are either too far away or are too close by, with the chances that you have already been there. 

So here is a list of some Off-the-Beat Destinations for a Weekend Motorcycle Ride near Pune in no particular order.

1) Veer Dam

Veer dam is a very scenic and peaceful place with very clean and untouched backwaters. It is 65km from Pune near Shirwal and is primarily famous for bird watching/photography. Veer dam gives you a total sea-like experience but without the humidity.
It’s a perfect place for a quick motorcycle ride or a short outing with family or friends.

weekend trip near pune veer dam
Veer Dam

2) Tav

Off Road Junkie alert!! If you are one of those people who like to go crazy in the off-roads, then Tav is the place you should definitely visit, especially during the monsoons. Mud, slush, water puddles, you name it.  
Just make sure you are prepared for going off-road or else it might not turn out to be a pleasurable ride after all. 

top 5 trips near pune

3) Devdi Dam

Short on time and want to go for a quick yet enjoyable ride?  Then Devdi Dam is the place. Located near the the Prati-Balaji temple near Ketkawle, Devdi Dam is a quiet and peaceful place to relax after your hectic week of work.  

prati balaji weekend trip pune
Devdi Dam

4) Dudhiware Pass

One of my favorite destinations for a nice one day motorcycle ride is Dudhiware Pass. It is located close to Lonavala which gives it a nice hill-station feel. The monsoon doubles the beauty of this place. The stone walls of this pass get covered with flowing water and lush green grass. 
Having a nice warm cup of tea while sitting in a cozy little shop surrounded by such beautiful scenery is beyond words.   

top weekend motorcycle rides near pune dudhiware pass
Dudhiware Pass

5) Pabe Ghat

Calm and quite place amidst mountains and greenery. Visit Pabe Ghat and you'd know what I am talking about. In summers this place looks all golden with dried up grass and brown mountains all around. 
Sitting under a  cool tree shade while its scorching everywhere else drinking a cool glass of lemonade is a different experience all together.

weekend trip near pune Pabe ghat
Pabe Ghat

I have already written detailed articles about each of the above mentioned rides. so be sure to check them out. 
Do let me know how you liked this article.

Ride Safe! Cheers! 

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